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The next "in-person" dinner meeting is scheduled for Wednesday June 15, 2022 at the Pines Manor in Edison. Please see the "Events Calendar" to sign up for this meeting.

The 2022 Cap LiVecchi  Memorial Golf Outing is scheduled for Friday July 15, 2022 at Farmstead Golf & Country Club, Lafayette, NJ. Please see the "Events Calendar" and click on "Golf Outings" to sign up. 



The Society of Asphalt Technologists of New Jersey is a non-profit organization consisting of individuals from the asphalt industry including Producers, Users, Owners, Consultants, Engineers, Educators, Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers.

We are dedicated to gathering and disseminating information on quality asphalt technology intended to improve the design, construction and maintenance of asphalt pavements; and to search for ways and means to reduce the life cycle cost of asphalt pavements.


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